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America: A Nation That's Lost Its Way by Joseph Kulbacki (Soft Cover Book)

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About the Book

History reveals that the pattern of all civilizations is that they rise, flourish, and then perish. The pages of this book review the history of America and how our government, culture and society parallel the phases of past civilizations. Cataloging and commenting on the momentous changes occurring in American society today, this writing focuses on a changing culture, which is taking America in new and dangerous directions. The author reaches into more than 200 years of American history to rediscover the bedrock heritage, values and principles that are the foundation of our nation’s prosperity and world power. America's increasingly suicidal mentality, disturbing internal misdirection and eroding value system is overlayed against this historical backdrop. With God removed from our public life, spiritual amnesia has set in and we have forgotten the Source of our freedom, abundance and strength. Kulbacki offers insights into the causes contributing to our nation’s plight. His series of indictments extend to all segments of the American experience, from our founders to the state of our nation today. A government with its inept, do-nothing, elected officials and our radical judicial system are the major reasons for the dilemma in which America finds itself. Kulbacki's message is clear. To those who would adversely reshape America and deny its legacy to our children, the author extends his most damning criticism. Our history, as a nation, is written with the blood of our ancestors. Both the will and conviction of today’s citizens are questioned as a mindset of apathy and complacency is governing our way of life. If our nation is to survive the cultural war and its future, the patriots of today must show the same sacrifice and conviction as our ancestors. What man once did, man can do again to save our freedoms for future generations. It is with the collective effort of ordinary citizens that the power to quiet this gathering storm rests. President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence and energy of her citizens cannot cure.” Regarding the major issues confronting America, the author offers historic truths and prophetic insights into the evolving demise of our nation as freedoms and values are lost due to our disobedience and misdirection. We are a nation that has lost its way. There may yet be time to recapture the glory of yesteryear. To do so, however, will require an inspired effort, a rededication and return to the Godly principles that propelled America as a world leader in education, industrial growth, and the hope for other nations.


This book catalogues how over our 230 years as a nation we are experiencing the same cultural phases as other past civilizations. This writing compares the history of America and how our nation parallels past civilizations as they rose, flourished and perished all due to internal moral, economic, governmental and cultural collapse. Look around you. The conditions that preceded the fall of every great civilization are in place as our changing culture is taking America in a new and dangerous directions. Government has become the leading threat to our individual freedoms as warned by the founding fathers. Irresponsible politicians have mismanaged and changed the role given them by the Constitution. Our economy, which is in crisis, places a huge burden on America’s future. Most importantly is the decline of our nation’s morality and values since prayer was removed from our schools in 1962 and the effect that has had on our society. The front cover of this book shows our past presidents at Mt. Rushmore with tearing eyes. This would be their expression as America is a far cry from what they envisioned. This book affirms that the United States is at a historical crossroads. America’s existence as a republic is rapidly approaching critical mass and time is a key ingredient to what is now a “must win” struggle for the soul of America. The author reaches into American history to rediscover the bedrock heritage, values and principles that are the foundation of our nation’s prosperity and world power. He laments over the evolving demise of our nation; as values, traditions and economy are being placed in great peril. His concern is that a price must be paid for our disobedience and misdirection with this challenge being placed on the shoulders of future generations.

About the Author

Entrepreneur, farmer, vintner, outdoorsman, former professional athlete, and now author, Joseph Kulbacki is living the “American Dream”. Born in 1938, the proud son of a small, rural community in Northwestern Pennsylvania, Kulbacki remembers a time of moral imperatives and defined values, of commitment to family and a strong sense of community. He laments the loss of a time when his beloved America was ever new and recognized around the world as the beacon of hope, purpose, strength, opportunity, liberty and freedom. His early years were idyllic. He swam in the backwoods streams, fished, trapped and hunted, tracked deer, hiked through the valleys and over the mountains of his native state. Kulbacki received his early education in public schools. He remembers, vividly and wistfully, that classes, each day began with recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, the pledge of allegiance and a spiritual hymn. This daily regimen reinforced the values espoused by his family and his Christian faith, which today continues to be a supportive and compelling force in his life. Kulbacki was a star running back in high school and his prowess on the grid iron earned him scholarship offers from several of the top universities in the nation. Enamored with the prospect of playing in the Big Ten Conference and with a keen interest in engineering, he entered Purdue University in 1956. He graduated with a B. S. degree in Industrial Economics, combining curricula in both engineering and economics including advanced studies in marketing. Upon graduation, having successfully completed the ROTC program, he received his commission as a second lieutenant in the US Army. Kulbacki was a high draft choice of both the Washington Redskins of the NFL and the Boston Patriots of the newly formed AFL. But, it was the Buffalo Bills, who had obtained his draft rights from the Patriots, for whom he would play. After one year of professional ball, Kulbacki interrupted his career to fulfill his service obligation to the US Army. Following his 2-year stint in the military, he returned to the Bills in 1963. His business career began in 1965 and later he formed his own engineering consulting company specializing in the integration of manufacturing systems for industry. He has conducted feasibility studies for many of the top (500) companies in America, providing them with a game plan to better prepare for the global economy.

  • Paperback: 308 pages
  • Publisher: Intl Localization Networks (August 31, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1935018094
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935018094
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