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Buffalo Wooden Magnet

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Our wood slice magnets are approximately 2 1/2" in diameter in diameter. The Buffalo Wooden Magnet is painted brown and spattered with black paint.

Spears Creations are a family of artists and woodworkers, who are breathing new life into old trees by creating one of a kind pieces of wood slice at a time.

These wooden magnets are hand made by Spears Creations...from start to finish.

Each disk comes from a tree on their property in the Finger Lakes area of New York State. Spears Creations only harvest trees that need to come down anyway, due to their mature size and close proximity to their house and outbuildings. Instead of letting them go to waste, they create these beautiful pieces of art.

The process begins by felling the tree, and then cutting each disk individually.

The drying process involves air drying and then heating each wood slice. Their process takes time, but it ensures that there will be minimal cracking as each wood slice ages.

Once the wood slices are properly dried, they sand both sides of each one, and then choose the best quality side to paint.

They then paint each wood slice, one at a time. Therefore, there are subtle differences between each of Spears Creations' wood slice magnets, even ones of the same design. Each one truly is a one of a kind piece of art that will add beauty to your home for years to come.

Once painted, they meticulously adhere each word and/or cut out to the wood slice, and then finish each ornament with a natural hemp cord for hanging, and one of our unique tags, making the ornaments perfect for gift giving!

Our wood slice ornaments are approximately  2 1/2" in diameter in diameter. They are painted with a blue paint, and splattered with red and white paint.

Each wood slice is live edge, meaning that the bark is still intact, giving each ornament a unique look. It is normal for a small amount of flaking to occur over time, adding even more character to each wood slice.

Please remember that Spears Creations wood slice magnets are made from a natural material, and may degrade over time if stored or handled improperly. They recommend hanging them in a location where they will not fall to the floor. For storage, we recommend a cool, dry place without extreme temperature changes.

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