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CHANNELLOCK® GS-6 3pc Professional Pliers Set

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A convenient assortment of popular CHANNELLOCK® tools. A perfect gift for people that know what real work is all about.

100% made in the U.S.A. by Channellock Inc. in Meadville, Pennsylvania.


Tools Included

337 7" High Leverage Diagonal Lap Joint Cutting Pliers
Overall Length 7in. 177.8mm
Jaw Length 0.79in. 20.07mm
Joint Thickness 0.43in. 10.92mm
Cutting Edge 0.79in. 20.07mm
Handle Span 1.89in. 48.01mm
Joint Width 1.18in. 29.97mm
Weight 0.57lbs 258.55g
317 8" Side Cutting Long Nose Pliers with Cutter
Overall Length 8in. 203.2mm
Jaw Length 2.36in. 59.94mm
Joint Thickness 0.41in. 10.41mm
Cutting Edge 0.41in. 10.41mm
Nose Width 0.14in. 3.56mm
Nose Thickness 0.11in. 2.79mm
Handle Span 1.89in. 48.01mm
Joint Width 0.87in. 22.1mm
Weight 0.55lbs 249.48g
430® 10" Straight Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers
Overall Length 10in. 254mm
Jaw Length 1.38in. 35.05mm
Joint Thickness 0.44in. 11.18mm
Handle Span 2.13in. 54.1mm
Jaw Capacity 2in. 50.8mm
Weight 1.19lbs 539.77g
# of Adjustments 7  

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