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Lockport by Paulette Peca (Paperback)

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Book Description:

Lockport documents the creation and growth of a fascinating city that has played a vital role in American history. Here, the Erie Canal climbed the Niagara Falls escarpment and opened up the Great Lakes to East Coast commerce, a revolutionary achievement that brought unlimited hydroelectric power to western New York, fueling the early industrialization of Lockport. The city was at the forefront of technological and social innovation: the nation's first commercial telegraph line was laid here; the fire hydrant, the district central heating system, and the honeycomb automobile radiator were invented here; the first New York public school system was developed here; the first automatic voting machines were used here; and the National American Music Festival was created here. Lockport salutes the heroes and characters of Lockport's past and highlights the contribution of unsung generations of migrants-Irish, German, Polish and Italian-who built the Lock City's industries, homes, and reputation. It echoes the hum of thriving Main Street stores, bustling Market Street businesses, grand Locust Street homes, and flourishing fruit belt farms. Most of all, it rings with the ceaseless opening and closing of the famous locks that gave the city its name.

Author Bio: A member of the Town of Lockport Historical Society, Paulette Peca spent many years collecting stories and memorabilia for Lockport, her first book. She is proud to be a Lockportian, having been raised in the city and having retained strong family ties to the area. Currently a teacher, she was formerly in radio at WXXI-FM in Rochester and with National Public Radio and the Christian Science Monitor on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Author(s): Paulette Peca
  • ISBN: 9780738512228
  • # of Pages: 128
  • Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
  • On Sale Date: 08/11/2003
  • Binding: Softcover
  • # of Images: 200 Black and White
  • 100% made in the U.S.A. by Arcadia Publishing in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

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