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Pop Pop Don's All Purpose Farm and Home Lubricating Oil (4 fl.oz.)

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The Oil That Does Everything! Introducing Pop Pop Don’s All-Purpose Farm & Home Lubricating Oil. A heavy-duty, low odor, water-based lubricant perfect for every job around the farm, home, or job site. Here are just a few of the ways you can use Pop Pop Don’s. * Home: Stops squeaks on hinges, doors, gates, and windows. Use it everywhere in the home. * Farm / Job Site: Lubricates gears, chains, cables, air tools, valves, nuts and bolts. Seals and protects tools from rust and corrosion. * Firearms: Applies easily, dries to a clean finish, and won’t attract dust. Leaves no oily residue. * Fishing Gear: No kerosene or other harsh solvents. Won’t damage monofilament line. * Food Safe/Biodegradable*: NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) rated H1 for incidental food contact. Ideal for carbon steel knives, slicers, food processors, grinders, and more! * See packaging for more details. The Brand Story My grandfather, Pop Pop Don Scheifley, was a frugal man. Born in 1885, he was never one to waste money; he’d rather make it than buy it. Until he died at the age of 100 years old, Pop Pop would invent things down on the family farm in rural Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Grammy Ruth would tell us, “Oh you know, Pop Pop’s out in the barn again. Who knows what he’ll come up with next”! One invention he called, “that goo I made to unstuck things”. It works so well, that our family has used it for decades both at home and at the Pro Tool factory. I’m proud to share Pop Pop Don’s story and his fantastic product with all of our customers. — Mark G. Scheifley, Pop Pop Don’s Grandson, General Manager, Pro Tool Industries

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