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Scheifley's GRUTZ Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor for Woodman's Pal (4 fl.oz.)

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Stops Rust, Coats and Protects Your Woodman’s Pal®, Axes, Shovels, Knives or Any Metal Tool Introducing Scheifley's Grutz, a heavy-duty, low odor rust and corrosion inhibitor. Scheifley's Grutz stops rust, coats and protects your Woodman’s Pal, axes, shovels, knives or any metal tool. An independent testing laboratory tested Scheifley's Grutz against 2 other leading brands, Rust Hunter and WD-40 for corrosion inhibitor properties and Scheifley's Grutz won. Scheifley's Grutz is a high performance water based rust preventative (no oil based solvents) for use on metal surfaces. * A clean and safe alternative to dirty and flammable solvent based rust preventatives. * Contains no harmful or toxic materials. * Penetrates, protects and fights corrosion. * Displaces water and lubricates. * Loosens rusty parts * Meets performance requirement s of Military Specification Grade 1 * Performed to requirements in salt fog and humidity chamber tests. * Dries to clear hard waxy film * Mil Thickness 1.5 – 2.0 * Comes in a 4 oz bottle The Scheifley's Grutz Story Not happy with other commercially available products, our factory developed a special formula to prevent rust on the blades of the Woodman’s Pal and our knife line. The formula quickly became known as the “Grutz”, a term used by the Pennsylvania-German and Pennsylvania-Dutch workers for dirt or rust. Soon the workers began taking home bottles of Grutz using it on everything from garden tools to their hunting knives to prevent rust, fight corrosion and lubricate sticky parts. When customers of the Woodman’s Pal asked about how they could keep rust off their tools, the factory offered the same small cans of Grutz. Eventually word spread about what a fantastic lubricant, rust preventative and all-around metal treatment the Grutz was, and now the same original formula is available to our customers.

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