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Spotter Club (37")

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The Spotter Club is a golf accessory designed to assist people with grasping disabilities, upper extremity disabilities and other disabilities that would prevent a person from being able to reach a ball on the ground or in a hole. It consists of a standard golf club shaft with special attachments at each end. A tee setter is fitted at the top on the end of the club’s grip. An inverted golf tee is placed in the tee setter, and the user can then use Spotter Club to place the tee in the ground without bending. At the bottom of the shaft in place of the club head is the ball saddle, a plastic scoop with a U-shaped indentation. The ball saddle is used to lift a ball off of the ground or out of a hole. The indentation also allows for the Spotter Club to be used to place a ball on a tee. OPTIONS: Available with both the tee setter and the ball saddle or with only the ball saddle.

The Full Club is composed of a standard iron mid flex, a golf grip and a tee setter device on the butt end of the shaft above the grip for inserting the golf tee in the ground at your desired height. On the opposite or tip end of the golf shaft is the ball saddle, another uniquely designed basket to hold the golf ball while you lower it onto the head of your tee; the ball saddle is multipurpose as it allows you to retrieve the golf ball from the greens cup without you having to strain bend or kneel to retrieve your ball.

100% made in the U.S.A. by Pegxco Company in Lake View, New York.

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