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Stars & Stripes Coaster Set

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Celebrate freedom with the square coasters from the Stars and Stripes Collection from Wendell August. A bald eagles effortlessly soars over a mountain range with wings reached wide. Our Star Spangled Banner proudly waves in the wind behind it. Few symbols in this world are more synonymous with freedom than these two. Proudly display the Stars and Stripes coasters year round as a symbol of your patriotism. Of course this is a functional piece of art, so don’t be afraid to put it to good use. It is perfect place to rest your drink. Each piece from our Stars and Stripes Collection is made by hand, by hard working Americans right here in the USA , and made from American materials. How appropriate it is, yet not heard enough, in this day and age. Buy your 3 inch coaster set as a gift, or for your own home. We’ll send it in a handsome gift box either way. Celebrate your freedom with Stars and Stripes.

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