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TCS 22 Caliber Patch Jag

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Our 22 caliber patch jag is designed specifically for cleaning 22 caliber barrels, including but not limited to, 22 LR, 22 Magnum, .22 Hornet, .222, .223, and 22-250.

These patch jags press a patch that has been treated with solvent or bore paste against the barrel and into the rifling to mechanically strip the carbon, plastic, and copper out of the bore.

In addition to cleaning, our jags are also used for oiling the bore for storage as well as removing oil before firing. Our rifle jags fit all rods with standard 8x32 threads.

Due to the very tight fit of this jag in most .22 caliber bores, it is very important to ensure that the patch is centered on the bore. An off center patch may cause the jag to bend or break. For this reason, a bore guide should be used in any bolt action or AR-15 style rifle.

In addition to this product, we suggest you purchase USP Bore Paste and round TCS patches for .22 rifles. TCS patches are the perfect size for our jags and other patches may cause fit problems. Square patches should not be used with our jags

Due to the tight fit of this product, and tighter than normal bores, thinner patches may be needed for certain short barrel 22 semi auto pistols. We have experienced this situation with Bersa and Firestorm 22 pistols as well as Walther P22 pistols. If you have one of these pistols, or a similar short barrelled 22, please contact us, so we can get you thinner round patches.

100% made in the U.S.A. by TCS - The Custom Shop in Walworth, New York.

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