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The Family Connection Board Game

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The game, developed by The Family Connection, engages the whole family in planning and playing to earn enough money for their "dream" vacation.  Where most board games encourage and rely on a highly developed sense of competition, The Family Vacation Game promotes a cooperative family interaction that results in the whole family unit being the winner.


How To Play



As a family, you decide where you would like to go on your "dream" vacation.  Then you create a budget for the total cost of the trip.  Once the cost is determined, every member will receive a vacation fund which they can increase or decrease depending on the space they land on.  In addition, there are "choice cards" which will increase the family fund if the choices made are good for the family.  However, you can lose money by choosing not to do things together as a family, not being nice to each other or just not spending your money wisely.  Every family member must experience the journey all the way through to the end.  When everyone is done, all the vacation funds are totaled together and compared to the budgeted cost of the trip.  If there is enough money, congratulations you may go.  If not, revise your budget or play again.  So cheer each other on and good luck!


100% made in the U.S.A. by Limitless Marketing in Orchard Park, New York.

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