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They Call Me Korney: The True Story of Buffalo's Korney Gang (Paperback)

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The man behind the successful company The Mob Tours now captures one of the Queen City's most blood-soaked crime tales: the bloody reign of John "Korney" Kwiatkowski, which ended with one of his friends in the electric chair. Tony Kalkiewicz was the hardened career gangster. And when he met the younger, up-and-coming bootlegger John "Korney" Kwiatkowski, they hit it off. But when the more cunning Korney took over his gang, Tony gave up the life. In the end, they would need each other for one last, explosive heist that would be their undoing -- and send one of the gang to the chair. "I made no confession to anybody because I couldn't make a confession. "I told [detective chief John G.] Reville that I had never seen a machine gun, except once in the moving pictures."- John Kwiatkowski to the Buffalo Evening News, May 24, 1929 Before the end came, Korney masterminded robberies all over the city, leading a gang of violent thugs, while he maintained a facade of gentility. The well-dressed Korney was a popular figure on the city's East Side, even though those nice suits were paid for by the proceeds of a series of messy crimes. Michael F. Rizzo (author of Nine Nine Eight: The Glory Days of Buffalo Shopping) digs through the archives for a new look at the man who fancied himself an underground king of the Queen City. Based on a true story, They Call Me Korney is full of never-before-seen photos and original research.

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