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Made In America Store Headquarters (HQ)
Customer Service
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HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8:00AM EST/EDT - 4:30PM EST/EDT
PHONE: 1-716-652-0024

Made In America Store World Distribution Center
Package Shipping Center
Online Order Shipping Inquiries
Online Order Refunds/Returns/Exchanges
Over-the-Phone Ordering Service
HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8:00AM EST/EDT - 4:00PM EST/EDT
PHONE: 1-716-805-3382

Dorothy Furtney
Tour Group Bookings
Tour Group Marketing
Tour Group Information

PHONE: 1-716-652-0024

Rob Whalen
Wholesale Information
Wholesale Buying & Selling
Store-In-Store Information

PHONE: 1-716-805-3382
OFFICE PHONE: 1-716-805-8342


Tony Falbo Jr.
Social Media Inquiries
Social Media Sales

Made In America Store Managers

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