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Beer Nuts Unsalted Peanuts (3 oz.)

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Grab a bag of sweet and salty treats when sitting down to watch the game. Original Beer Nuts® are peanuts encrusted in a sweet and salty coating that makes the perfect bar snack, and also great in the office or at home.

Grab a handful of the nuts that started it all. Some say even more American than apple pie. But what makes it the Original Peanut, you ask? The fact that it was the first of the BEER NUTS products, spurred the name initially. (Yeah, we're smart like that.) But to this day, 60 years later, we still use the original recipe that we used from the beginning, to give you the one and only, unique sweet & salty taste.

Peanuts - Where do they come from? While the peanut is generally considered to be a "nut", it's really a legume - like peas and beans. For those going for extra credit on the quiz later, it is the seed of Arachis hypogaea L., an annual herbaceous vine of the pea family (Leguminosae). However, we say if it looks like a nut and tastes like a nut, then -- well you know the rest. Indigenous to South America, peanuts made a slow march north and didn't really catch on with the populace until (and we're not making this up) P.T. Barnum introduced them as a snack at his circus. By the end of the century, peanuts were being snacked on at ball games, circuses, and in the cheap seats of theatre balconies, which became known as "peanut galleries."

There are three main types of peanuts grown in the United States: Virginias and Runners, which have red skins; and Spanish, with tan skins. BEER NUTS Brand Snacks select only the finest varieties of Runners and Virginia nuts for our products.

100% made in the U.S.A. by Beer Nuts in Bloomington, Illinois. Distributed by Jacob Kern & Sons in Lockport, New York.

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