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CHANNELLOCK® GLS-3 3pc Griplock® Pliers Set

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4.00 (in)
13.00 (in)
1.00 (in)

A convenient assortment of popular CHANNELLOCK® tools. A perfect gift for people that know what real work is all about. Get even more leverage from the ergonomically designed offset head of the GRIPLOCK®. A special jaw design allows it to grip down on many shapes for added versatility.

100% made in the U.S.A. by Channellock Inc. in Meadville, Pennsylvania.


Tools Included

GL6 6.5" GripLock® Tongue & Groove Pliers
Overall Length 6.5in. 165.1mm
Jaw Length 1in. 25.4mm
Joint Thickness 0.25in. 6.35mm
Handle Span 2.01in. 51.05mm
Jaw Capacity 1.06in. 26.92mm
Weight 0.35lbs 158.76g
# of Adjustments 5  
GL10 9.5" GripLock® Tongue & Groove Pliers
Overall Length 9.5in. 241.3mm
Jaw Length 1.34in. 34.04mm
Joint Thickness 0.36in. 9.14mm
Handle Span 2.17in. 55.12mm
Jaw Capacity 1.25in. 31.75mm
Weight 0.78lbs 353.8g
# of Adjustments 5  
GL12 12.5" GripLock® Tongue & Groove Pliers
Overall Length 12.5in. 317.5mm
Jaw Length 1.77in. 44.96mm
Joint Thickness 0.48in. 12.19mm
Handle Span 2.52in. 64.01mm
Jaw Capacity 2.25in. 57.15mm
Weight 1.6lbs 725.75g
# of Adjustments 6  

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