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Christmas Pickle Ornament

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Add the whimsical tradition of the Christmas Pickle to your family holiday celebration. From the heart of Germany, this tradition takes place on Christmas Eve, with a pickle hidden deep in the branches of the fir tree by parents. The pickle ornament is the last one hung on the tree, on Christmas Eve, just before midnight.

In the morning, the first adult who finds the pickle gets a year of good luck The first child who finds the pickle gets an extra gift from St. Nicholas.
Make your holiday even more fun and special by including the Christmas Pickle in your family traditions.

The heritage art of Wendell August Forge is preserved by the company’s artisans and craftsmen, who use the original eight-step process to produce every heirloom piece in aluminum, bronze, pewter, sterling silver, and other metals.

This process includes Die Engraving by a master engraver, Material Selection and Cutting, Repousse (Hammering), Surface Anvilling, Edging, Carbon Coloring, a three step polishing process, and Forming. Company artisans create new motifs and designs, while some motifs – like the ever-popular Dogwood – have endured for decades.

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