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DuraBilt Sport Sock, Army Green, 3 Pack

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4.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
0.50 (in)

Engineered for enhanced performance and fit!

  • Comfort: Half cushioned foot pad to protect against performance impact and blister reduction.
  • Ventilation: Knit-in cooling features that permit the escape of body heat keeping the feet drier and cooler.
  • Arch Support: Elastic knit throughout the arch for support and stress relief.
  • Heel Protection: Knit-In terry heel pad for blister protection and durability.
  • Double Welt Top: Prevents raveling of the welt and keeps the top of the sock in place.
  • Elongated Toe Pocket: Adds full cushion protection at the toes for comfort, blister protection and moisture transportation.

100% American made socks by Pickett Hosiery Mills Inc. in Burlington, NC!




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