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Johnny Jolter Power Plunger

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Unclog Without the Mess It happens to everyone . . . sooner or later your sink or toilet will become clogged. When it does, be ready with Johnny Jolters, the effective, no-mess way to unclog your drains. Water drawn into the Johnny Jolters is focused toward the clog, providing a powerful force to quickly break up the clog and restore the drain's normal function. And you won't have to strain as you would trying to maneuver a conventional plunger! Johnny Jolter's handle and support arm are ergonomically designed to promote smooth, comfortable operation. And when you're finished, the unit easily disassembles for cleaning.

  • The Johnny Jolter Professional Power Plunger uses water, not air to clear any clogged toilet fast. Made from Engineering-grade plastic, and assembled by Disabled U.S. Veterans, this product is tough and built to last.
  • Easy to disassemble/reassemble for easy maintenance to ensure many years of use
  • The Johnny Jolter is a Professional tool designed to do a Professional job fast. Feel the Power.
  • Clear toilets fast: One push, No mess and Toilet clear
  • Member tested and recommended by the Handyman Club of America - Assembled by disabled U.S. Veterans
  • To be used in toilets only. Do not use in clogged sinks or bathtub drains.

100% made in the U.S.A. by K-CO Products, LLC in Irvine, California.

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