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1,300th Tour Bus Arrives!

1,300th Tour Bus Arrives!

Posted by Tony on 13th Jun 2024


“Carol’s Country Tours from Oshkosh, Wisconsin Arriving on a Diamond Tour!”

Elma, NY. Less than one year since the Made in America Store, 1000 W. Maple Court, Elma, NY welcomed the 1,200th tour bus to visit last fall, another milestone will be reached. Conveniently located in the Buffalo Niagara Region of Western New York, the store will welcome the 1,300th bus to visit since opening in 2010.

We are looking forward to hosting our 1,300th tour bus -- a great event for our company, our community and our country,” stated Mark Andol, founder and CEO of Made in America Store and General Welding & Fabricating, its parent company. “Tour buses bring tourist dollars into Western NY. Visitors see firsthand the great quality of visitor attractions, restaurants and hotels in Buffalo Niagara. Buffalo is truly the City of Good Neighbors, and neighboring Niagara Falls attracts the world.

The 1,300th bus group, carrying 55 guests from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is scheduled to arrive at 1:30 p.m. It is one of nearly 40 bus groups to be hosted by Made in America Store this month. Spring is the kickoff to peak tourism season in the Northeast. Early indications are that the tourism season will be strong.

Made in America Store opened in 2010 as the only brick and mortar, general merchandise store in the U.S. to carry 100% American Made Products. It still is the largest retailer of 100% American-made products, and only American-made products, in the United States.

Our retail mission aligns well with the consensus view of Americans: it’s important to continue to increase manufacturing in the U.S. and the number of good-paying jobs manufacturing brings to the economy. It’s all about livelihoods and the American dream,” Andol added.

Andol believes that Americans have a strong work ethic, yet the supply of trained, skilled and experienced workers is not sufficient to meet the current high demand. This stifles the growth and output of many American companies.

NASA sent a man to the moon in 1969. Private companies are now launching the current generation of astronauts into space, in collaboration with NASA. Together, we can truly re-ignite a powerful economic engine fueled by American know-how. Our success at the Made in America Store is not rocket science. It’s just plain common sense,” Andol concluded.