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Ann Clark Cookie Cutters on WECK!

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters on WECK!

Posted by Samantha on 8th Nov 2023

With Christmas right around the corner, we're unwrapping the holiday spirit on this week's episode of the Made in America Store Show! Ann Clark Cookie Cutters stands as the largest cookie cutter manufacturer in America, boasting an impressive collection of over 3,400 distinct shapes! The timing of this guest couldn't have been more perfect, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

At the Made in America Store, we're proud to showcase Ann Clark's 100% U.S.A. made Cookie Cutters with a dedicated 10-foot wall that displays a wide array of their creative designs. We're continually expanding our selection, offering our customers the chance to explore countless shapes for their cookie-baking adventures.

During the show, Ben Clark shared valuable insights into how Ann Clark Cookie Cutters navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the initial stages of the pandemic, their sales skyrocketed as families searched for engaging activities to do together at home, and cookie-baking became a cherished pastime.

However, as COVID restrictions started to ease, the dynamics changed. The cost of materials, particularly steel, increased substantially, making production more expensive. People began to venture outdoors and engage in activities they couldn't enjoy during lockdown, resulting in a decline in cookie baking. This shift posed challenges for Ann Clark Cookie Cutters as they faced rising production costs amid decreased demand.

Today, the company has successfully navigated these challenges and adjusted to the evolving market. Ben also discussed some exciting new product launches by Ann Clark, including pancake mix, waffle mix, and icing mix. These additions were inspired by the desire to provide innovative, high-quality products that continue to spark creativity in the kitchen.

Listen to the entire episode here