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Back On The Air With Bayside USA

Back On The Air With Bayside USA

Posted by Samantha on 24th Jan 2023

Saturday’s episode of the Made In America Store show featured Bayside Apparel USA! Bayside is the largest vertical apparel manufacturer in America.

On our show, Bayside discusses the textile industry and how much has changed since they first entered the game 28 years ago. When Bayside first opened, they were one of many U.S. factories to produce American made apparel. As the years went by, many of these companies moved their production overseas, but not Bayside. Bayside continues to use 100% U.S. made materials to produce their apparel in Southern California.

Although offshoring has been a trend for nearly 40 years, manufacturing is beginning to return to the United States. Popular brands like Jockey and New Balance have announced plans to manufacture their products domestically in years to come.

During the interview, Bayside also talks about why supporting American made just makes sense. Buying U.S.A. made goods strengthens our economy, creates and saves jobs for American workers and keeps U.S. dollars in our own country. Plus, the quality of overseas products simply does not compare to those made in the United States.

Listen to the full episode here