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Introducing Scented Vessel Company

Introducing Scented Vessel Company

Posted by Samantha on 24th May 2023

Last week, we had an exciting episode of the Made In America Store Show on WECK Radio, where we introduced our newest vendor, Scented Vessel Company. We couldn't be more thrilled to have their amazing product in our stores! You see, we used to carry a similar product that our customers absolutely adored, especially our lively tour bus groups. The response was incredible, and we knew we had to bring back that same level of fragrance joy. That's why when Scented Vessel Company reached out to us, we were over the moon!

During the show, we dived into the fascinating world of these incredible scented vessels. Made from food-grade paraffin, they guarantee both safety and quality. And here's the best part: they're flameless! So, you can enjoy the enchanting aromas worry-free.

While these scented vessels may be slightly different from the Habersham vessels we carried in the past, they maintain the same exceptional quality our customers have come to expect. Made with 100% USA made materials in Tampa, Florida, each vessel is meticulously created using food-grade paraffin.

Scented Wax Vessels from Scented Vessel Company make fantastic gifts for various occasions. Whether you're attending a housewarming party or looking for a thoughtful gift for someone heading off to college, these vessels are sure to impress. Their elegant presentation and captivating fragrances make them a delightful choice for any recipient.

Listen to the entire episode here

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