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Pop's Birding Original Hummingbird Swing, Onyx

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Pop's created The Original Hummingbird Swing™ after noticing his hummingbirds continually retreat to a nearby tree after feeding. He wanted to offer hummingbirds a place to rest - close to their food source, where we could experience their beauty more! Just place your swing near a feeder or nectar-rich flowering plant to offer hummingbirds the most comfortable place to perch, close to their food source - where you can enjoy them more too! Pop's Original Series swings feature their classic scroll design in a variety of color finishes for picture perfect, 'hummingbird-framing' photography. Each swing includes a stainless steel hook for hanging and informational hummingbird FAQ card.

  • Hummingbirds really swing on it! Just place the swing near a feeder to create the ideal perching spot for hummingbirds to rest and keep watch over their food source. 
  • Pop's Birding's patent pending POLYPERCH™ was specially designed to mimic the look, shape and feel hummingbirds seek in nature while offering the most comfortable perch to rest. 
  • 100% made in the USA with no shortcuts taken. Quality that lasts a lifetime and backed by our Lifetime Warranty Guarantee.

Swing Color: Onyx

Materials: Coated Wire Frame, Recycled POLYPERCH™

Directions: Place swing eye level with feeder and no more than a foot away from a reliable food source.

100% made in America by Pop's Birding in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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