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Scraper Handle

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It's time to upgrade the world's best ice scraper with General Welding & Fabricating's Scraper Handle!

The Scraper Handle extends the reach of the Scraper-Cone by almost 2 feet, making hard to reach pockets of ice and snow a problem of the past. The patented angled design adds the leverage you need to efficiently scrape ice anywhere on your windshield. Simply remove the head of your Scraper-Cone, place the Scraper Handle over the neck of the Scraper-Cone, re-attach the head, and you're ready to go!

The durable Scraper Handle is manufactured with U.S.A. made aluminum, so you get the benefits of a lightweight material that will last a lifetime and the rigidity! Manufactured in Buffalo, New York, the snow capital of the United States of America - We understand the importance of reliability in the snow.

  • Easily reach the middle of your windshield on your car, SUV, Truck, RV, and more.
  • Made from durable, rigid U.S.A. Aluminum
  • Assembly takes seconds!

Scraper cone sold separately - Purchase U.S.A. Made Scraper-Cones Here - Shop Today

100% made in the U.S.A. by General Welding & Fabricating in Elma, NY!

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