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Snow Shoe Wraps

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Snow Shoe Wraps come in assorted colors. Please choose a color before adding to your cart. If the color is not in stock, a refund will be issued. Thank you!

Snow Shoe Wraps are the most convenient and safe carrier for transporting your skiing and snowshoeing equipment,  whether on public transportation or with your personal vehicle . Snow Show Wraps' high visibility color makes it stand out, which allows you to be on your way to enjoy your time, instead of searching for your snowshoeing equipment.

100% made in the U.S.A. by KW Enterprises in Buffalo, New York.



  1. With snow shoe tips together wrap around and insert pointed end of wrap through opposite slot.  Repeat at opposite end.
   2. Add poles with baskets at opposite ends and insert flat end of wrap into remaining slot. 
Note: Step 1 need not be repeated for next use.  Simply slip tips of snow shoes through first loop and slide second wrap over tail of skis.  This will lengthen the life of you POLE-SKI WRAPS.

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